Continental Divide

For two weeks, I have been watching the conventions:  the Republicans’ version a gross embarrassment  (a parade of C-list speakers cheered by angry people in funny hats supporting a pathological narcissist whose election could ruin the country) and the Democrats’ version a surprisingly well-coordinated group of A-listers delivering a credible case for change. It will take an IQ of less than 75 for anyone watching these two conventions to vote for Trump.

That said, the most serious problem our country has today is not Donald Trump; it is the inability of our leaders to work together to solve our problems. Whoever is elected in November, and whatever the shape of Congress, nothing will change if people of all persuasions can’t cross the aisles, listen to each other, recognize that we have enormous and threatening problems (ISIS, deficits, poverty, trade imbalances, domestic terrorism, etc), and work toward resolutions.

Whether you’re a Tea Party fanatic or a socialist liberal, the problem isn’t “them”.  It’s us; it’s you; it’s me. Let’s work together to find a compromise on the issues that divide us, and make our government great again.


This can’t go on

The resiliency of the Trump campaign is incredible.

The depths to which he sinks are unfathomable.

The depravity of the man is unbelievable.

The ignorance of the electorate is abominable.

This man must be stopped — now.